Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is a day that I never thought would come. A day in which I am utterly and stupidly appalled by my government and its practices. Recently the health care bill was passed and signed by the President and Vice President. The health care bill that 70-80% of all Americans did not want. The reasons why we didn't want it had nothing to do with the fact that we didn't want a change in health care. I believe strongly in the private sector. It encourages competition and advancement in medicine and many other fields. However by forcing everyone in the country to buy health care the government is violating the most basic of freedoms granted to us.  Not to mention it's certainly not practical.  If there is someone who is financially not stable enough to buy health care, forcing them to do so would only further the problem of debt that this country is dealing with. I recognize the need to change the health care industry, however, I disagree with the motions that this Presidency has taken to change it. Black balling, bribes, and threats are not the way that I wanted this bill to be passed. If you have to bribe individuals into accepting your version of a health care bill then that should clue you in that it's NOT GOOD. Also, threatening people? I realize that this happens in the most basic of industries, however, when you say to a congressman/woman "if you do not vote for this bill I will find the quickest way to end your political career", it becomes absolutely horrific in my mind.  I'm just happy that there are currently 13 states suing the government over the health care bill.

(Side Note)  The rumor around our town is that the nearest Cancer Centers of America are now closing because of the cost cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.  Supposedly they are closing because the cuts to the programs puts more of the cost on the patients and many of the patients can't afford the treatments.  So now they are closing and people who can afford the cancer treatments are having to travel even further to get treatment.  Also there are many nursing homes that are closing through out our state (supposedly) because people can't pay for the higher raising costs.  (End of Side Note)

It was just overall how the Democrats have handled this whole mess that makes me want to throw up as well. Strong Republicans who are known for their bi-partisan efforts like John McCain were shown the door in essence when it came to anything to do with the health care bill. There was no reaching across the isle to make this bill. It was like watching a pack of 3 year olds playing with a new toy and not sharing at all. GROW UP DEMOCRATS!!! This country will never work if we don't have bi-partisanship in FULL EFFECT!!! Also a quick side note. Anyone just ever want to punch Pelosi in her face? GRRR!!! I feel like every time I watch the President speak she's clapping over every little word. The President could pass gas and she would be jumping to her feet and clapping like an insane woman. GET A LIFE!

Another thing that bugs me about this whole health care bill is the fact that when asked if the President would be taking this health care along with the American People he said no. WHAT?! This health care isn't good enough for you or your family? I get that the government uppers and what not have always had a different health care than the rest of us lower people. However, if you have to stipulate in the bill that you will not be forced to take this health care then there is something wrong with the bill overall. Join our ranks Mr. President. If you are going to force something down our throats due to your own narcissism then I feel you must suffer along with us.

However the only good thing that came out of this whole thing was when VP Biden introduced the President at the signing of the bill. (P.S- congrats Mr. President you succeeded in your narcissism to get your name in the history books, hopefully it'll only be as the biggest idiot to take office ever) VP Biden introduces the President and he whispers or so he thinks, "That's a big f***ing deal". Made me angry and disgusted while rolling on the floor. People in powerful positions like the VP and P, SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT, be cursing. It's not a sign of intelligence at all. However I will concede that there are just some things that you can't equally express without that swear words, but I would strongly argue this was not the time nor the place. But then again no one's ever said Biden was the brightest bulb in the socket. I mean honestly, the first thing they teach you in public speaking is NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER swear or use profane language including racist jokes, sexual jokes, etc. It lowers the quality of your speech and tunes out half of your audience automatically. It's so easy a caveman could do it (props to Geico for that bit and a well earned round of applause for the best advertising line ever! so basic disclaimer, I don't own the sentence above and never will it belongs to Geico). However Biden ranks lower than a caveman to me. After all he most certainly isn't the brightest of the dullest bulbs.

And that was my rant for today

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