Wednesday, December 1, 2010 cool or fun anymore....

So for the past year or so I've been steadily growing more and more weary. There seems to be nothing beyond prayer constantly that gets me through the day. Oh wait, there is, an overdose of sarcasm and cynicism. I mean college is supposed to be the best years of your life right?

Well it's not. It's like high school. Where I'm floating in between knowing like one person and knowing no one but passing shadows. Where I'm that weird kid who sits in the back who can quote random knowledge and has a sarcastic comment for everything.

And it doesn't get any better. I've gone through somethings that I won't mention on here or anywhere else. However all I will say is I was unjustly accused. I don't actually know how many people read this considering I never bother to check my hits. However if there is someone who manages to stumble upon this in a time of need hear this.

If you are fighting a losing battle don't despair. Take heart and keep to your message, whatever that is, even if you are on sinking ship. More people will respect you in the end.

So's overly cut throat in a department that has no need for it. And on top of it all they expect graduate level work out of us in a undergraduate level program without giving you any of the information or the help to do it beyond words of "your a failure" and "wow this is what your prior teachers considered good work?".

I don't get it. I don't even think that I want to get it. to watch A Very Potter Musical....again....hopefully Christmas will brighten my spirits.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am a Gleek

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am most certainly and forever a Gleek. I was in chorus for 7 years of my life for goodness sake! How could I not be? However the show that I have loved for the past two seasons seems to be pushing an agenda in the third. Now I will state right at this moment that I will forever love Glee's music. It is the bomb, no matter what anyone says. However, since the beginning of season three, we see Glee mocking Jesus, Grilled Chesus, in their religion episode. While some may comment that this was an episode that expresses all religions and the discovery of your own faith, and I would agree to a certain limit, it also mocks Christ and Christians several times in the airing which is not necessary and completely derails the point of the episode in the first place.

Then we see as the season progresses that Rachel, our fun loving vocal powerhouse who always wears the most adorable sweaters and cute outfits has suddenly gotten a make over overhaul into the beginnings of sluts-ville. Now I'm all for looking sexy and feeling sexy as a woman, however, when you change what people love so much about a character so drastically, you can't honestly expect fans to accept that this character is to maintain it's innocent fun loving facade while strutting around in a short skirt, cleavage bearing top, much heavier make up all the while dating Finn who in almost every episode there is yet another shot of them fondling each other on a bed.

Also, let me just say that Kurt is my favorite character on this show. I often times find myself relating to the bullying and often outsider feelings he is experiencing because I, as a straight female, experienced that as well in my high school. I can relate to the want to cry when I got shoved in the hallways or bullied in gym class or taunted because I was student with a disability. I take a huge offense to anyone who bullies anyone in today's society. It's something that I will not allow to happen within my ear shot or eyesight as long as I live, doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or lesbian. However what has happened to the whole gay section of this show? Is it just me or did they turn this whole gay section of the show away from respect and understanding into a lesbian and/or sexual fest talking about scissoring and making out between cheerleaders?

I felt like with the recent episode, "Never Been Kissed," they didn't have to make the bully a closeted gay. They could have used this as a message to outed gay's across the world who are being picked on and bullied that they are not alone and they are unique and wonderful they way they are. Trevor Project anyone? However they decided to push this agenda in another direction and they failed in my opinion.

I will hold the rest of my opinions on season three and merely finish by stating that I wouldn't be surprised if Glee lost a large chunk of their audience with the direction they are now going. They are losing their winning combination that made them great.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sex and Gender in the Modern World

Disclaimer: All things in this blog belong to their prospects owners.  All credit goes to those in these links. I own nothing unless stated explicitly below.

We've all seen the many commercials where the woman is clad in a few pieces of strings placed over the nipples and other areas. She bends over the car and bam the stud sitting next to her is fast, cool and unbeatable. I get so tired of this blatant over sexuality displayed every five minutes on my TV screen. It's disgusting that woman think that this is what men want. Maybe preteens and college guys who can't score with anything but whores, but not real men. Real men like a challenge and that drunk girl that slept with that guy that she doesn't know is not going to be getting a second date with him and if she does it's very rare. Why do women place themselves in a position to be exploited by the men I the world?

Do we not realize by now that we still don't live in a completely equal society. Women still earn 70 cents to every dollar a man makes. In our society we even place more value on the male references than on female. We are hired for less CEO jobs and upper management positions because we may want to start a family someday and we must not be able to split our time well so we aren't hired as often. There will never be a pregnant female politician that is elected even if she has a loving husband because in the eyes of many American voters, yes women you are included here, we think 'she can't raise a newborn and do her job without neglecting one or he other' without even considering that past presidents wives have often times had their children watched by a hired nanny or staff member while they were gone doing appearances.

When we stop and do a serious evaluation of how our society thinks then maybe we might be able to change the world around us and even public opinion of women roles and the family. Now I will say this. I am no hardcore shoot them dead feminist, but I do believe in what Alice Paul and all the Iron Jawed Angels stood for when they suffered torture at the hands of the men our government for the right of every woman to vote. For every woman to have a voice in the running of their nation.

Alice Paul 

When women stand up for themselves there is at least twenty men in the background rolling their eyes claiming that we never know when to shut up and be grateful for what we have. I should know, I mean shoot I live in the south. To admit to being a feminist in the south is about as equal to admitting to being an alien. Either way you get dirty looks and people talk like your crazy.

Women it's time to go back to the days of Alice Paul and demand the respect that we seem to be losing in today's society because of our selling out to the male dominants in this world. Now this isn't to say that we women haven't come far and we are being held down by the man because we aren't, however I feel like more and more women are selling out to sex and excuses that are frankly just that crap. Women now is our calling. Just like when Alice Paul was fighting for women's rights, we need to become once more Iron Jawed Angels to stand for something that once meant something in this world. A woman's pride and dignity by choice alone. A time when women didn't answer to the call of peer pressure in a still consistently male dominated society. A time when a woman's sexuality was not based on being popular or if screwing this person will get her here or the age of trying to break the gender generalizations and double standards.

Women now is our time!

And that was my rant for today...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pluralism or Non-Pluralism?

It has recently come to my attention by a friend of mine from Egypt, that often more and more  Muslims around the world, but more so in Europe are getting the short end of the stick.  Recently, the French government has attempted to ban burkas based on the theory that it's "offensive and demoralizing to women".  Now I want you my dear readers to stop and think about that statement.  Just stop and think about it and list in your mind the reasons why you would agree with this statement.  Now let me point out that you who have agreed with this statement has placed your own ethnocentrism on a culture of people who do not subscribe to our way of thinking.

President Nicolas Sarkozy says full veil is "not welcome" in France and that this is an issue about women's freedom and dignity and not religion.

Take a moment to place yourself in the shoes of those who wear these burkas as a religious piety like our nuns or monks.  Their bible may not say anything about burkas and covering from head to toe, but then again neither did the Bible say that women couldn't be involved in the early churches because they were inferior.  In fact Christ pushed for the movement of women in his ministry.

What I don't get dear readers, is why is Europe deciding what is and is not oppressive to women?   I may find being a nun repressive and contrary to a woman's rights, but does that mean I go to the steps of my congress and push to pass a bill banning the role of nuns in the church?  No, because while I may not like the idea of a nunnery for myself, that doesn't mean that someone out there doesn't find a closer sense of spirituality by being a nun.

This school of thought that seems to suppress everyone in Europe is that of non-pluralism.  The need for everyone to be the same and so help you if you are a smidgen off.  Many Europeans do not like foreigners and do appreciate the ideals of America, with it's pluralistic society.  In America we believe that we can create laws to keep everyone safe without infringing on the basic rights of every citizen despite religious background or ethnicity.  However it is evident that France and Europe doesn't care about this kind of approach.

It just makes me laugh that these countries are trying to place a ban on a item that has religious significance in a culture that's been around long than the French President's family line.  France you sit there and say we Americans have our noses up our butts and aren't taking time to look at the world around us?  Well I point back to you with this whole piece of steaming you know what.  This culture has been around longer than your country has ever been a country.  You can't take western ideals, morals, and values, and place them on a distinctly eastern culture, and expect it to fly well. 

Some women out for a stroll with their kids.

Now I understand the fact that the full veil can pose many security issues.  However, I think that a law could be passed that would require burka wearers to expose their faces and potentially their bodies in certain security areas or check points.  Like in an airport, burga wearers could be asked to please not wear the burka for the duration of their flight and within or on the premises of the airport property.  Or like when they go to the bank, have them fully expose their faces for proper identification.  If a police officer sees a burka wearer acting strange like, they could have the right to search the burka wearer and even ask them to remove it.  Do I think the burkas need to be banned based on how oppressive it is to women and how it insults the dignity of women?  Absolutely not.  I think this has everything to do with religion Mr. French President, and nothing to with your supposed concern for a woman's dignity.  Please France just do what you do best and surrender.

Viva La France anyone?

(a quick side note:  I do not hate the French.  I do not hate any country, just disagree with some of their decisions)

And that was my rant for today...

Friday, April 16, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Apple,

I must say thank you for your developments in the field of technology.  I could reasonably argue that Apple the company has helped to project the world into many newer and brighter decades.  When the iPod came out it was revolutionary and still to this day is the top seller of it's field.  However I must raise my voice over one thing.  For nine years the Apple iPod has been released to the public.  For nine years you have made PC users lives miserable with your oh so undesirable iTunes software.  Now I realize that without this software I would have no legal means to be able to access my iPod.  However, after nine years of having dealt with this crappy software and it's beyond ridiculious updates that just seem to make it crappier and crappier, I'm seriously considering moving toward less than legal means to run and operate my iPod. 

I would be ashamed if I was you Apple.  For being a billion dollar company and then putting out that crap?  I would hide my head in shame.  It baffles me how your genius programmers can't seem to make a program that can run on a brand new computer without screwing everything up by merely click one button that takes you to another tab option.  I could make a better functioning program that than and I only had two semesters of programming under my belt. 

I know this is just a ploy by Apple in hopes that you will get fed up enough and switch to a Mac compatible system, but I hate to break it to you Apple, I'm not buying one of your computers.  Call me old fashioned, but I figure if I can find a Windows operated laptop that can do just as much and more than your Mac laptops I'm going to go with it rather than you, because well it'll be about $500 or more cheaper than yours.  Your laptops start at $999.99.  START AT.  That's too much money in my opinion.  I'm operating off of an HP Touchsmart TX2 laptop.  It's a tablet and a laptop, which none of your computers are, and please don't anyone respond with "well the iPad is both of those" cause it's not.  It don't have enough RAM and Memory to be operated as if it was an actual computer.  It was originally meant to be an e-reader because Apple wanted to own that branch too.  And don't get me start with the line from Steve Jobs, "holding the internet in your hands, it's an amazing feeling isn't it?" Ph-leaze!  I've been able to hold the internet in my hands since I got my new laptop.  It's not revolutionary, it's just that your behind curve for once Apple.

I must ask the question why Apple?  Why have you alienated over 50% of your customer base by giving us crappy software that is barely compatible with our systems?  If you worked on something that was as great as Windows 7 (with their backwards capability and their Mac compatibility) you might not be considered the 90's version of McAfee/Norton of '10.  There are more PC users currently than there are Mac users.  Granted the number is growing, but there is more Windows users out there.

I am a loyal customer.  Have been for years, but I'm getting pretty fed up with my iTunes freezing every time I attempt to scroll down a page!  Or how about it taking two minutes for it load on my system? Or how about the fact that every time I try and load anything onto my iPod Touch that it temporarily freezes for short burst of a few seconds?  How about the faulty sync application? Hmmm?  All the Windows users are asking for is a Windows version of iTunes that is compatible with Macs.  Not that much to ask for if you consider it. 

And that was my rant for today....


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Naked People

This is Eric Williamson.  He is a 29 year old commercial diver who lives in Springfield, Virginia in a house he and several of his diver buddies rent from Williamsons boss.  He is also a father of a young girl, who for my knowledge lives with her mom.  Apparently he was arrested in 2009 for indecent exposure after being accused by an unidentified women, who is later identified as the wife of a Fairfax County police officer, for purposely exposing himself to her and her 7 year old son.
                The police reports state that there were two complaints filed at the same address for a man who was exposing himself to passer bys.  The first call came in at 6:40 am.  However when the cops arrived at the scene the “victim” was nowhere to be found.  The house in question was dark and quiet with no signs of movement at the residence.  The second call came in two hours later.  The women or “victim” alleged that Williamson exposed himself (twice) knowingly (the woman in question says he posed at both places of exposure) while her son and she were walking on a path in between the houses.  Once at the carport storm door and the next at the front window of the house.  However, when people began to ask about this supposed path in between the houses it came up that the path was not in fact between the houses but on the private property that Williamson and his buddies were renting.
*So in all legal and technical definition this woman and her son were trespassing on private property.  They cannot be charged to my knowledge because there were no “No Trespassing” signs posted on the property and thus it is not considered trespassing.
                Williamson claims that he never knowingly exposed himself to anyone, more specifically that he never posed in any doorway or window.  He says he was naked getting his coffee at 8:30 am with no knowledge that anyone could see him.  However Judge Ian M. O’Flaherty ruled that “the extending nudity “indicates an obscene display””, and found Williamson guilty.  Williamsons lawyers tried to get his arrest and statements to the police suppressed, but both motions were denied by Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Marum Roush.  Good news is new information concerning the case has come up so it will be used in his April 7th trial date.
                The officers who responded to the second call at about 9:16 am said that the house was dark and quiet with no movement within the residence or signs of forced entry and no one was around to speak to.  However the cops after making their way towards to carport door found a panel on the interior door (the door behind the storm door) had been broken.  So with no warrant or probably cause that there was a robbery in progress or anyone inside was in imment danger, the cops entered the household because the door was unlocked.  They claim to have called loudly “Fairfax County police, is anyone here?” several times before entering the resident with guns drawn.
*Now I will not fault the cops for entering the house with guns drawn.  Many times officers in Fairfax encounter suspects with weapons.  Many cops have been killed for not taking such precautions that could mean a second of life that would have allowed them to survive.  Nor do I find fault with any cops who shoot first IF a suspect has given them enough probable cause to be believed to be carrying a loaded weapon with the intent to kill or harm.
                After clearing the main floor the cops proceeded upstairs where they found Williamson laying face down on his bed clothed in pajama bottoms with his hands under stomach.  Asked to show his hand and provide some form of identification Williamson was then asked who was walking around naked downstairs at the times of the calls.  Williamson first said that it could have been one of his roommates and then changed his story to he was up making coffee and he might have been in the buff.  The cop then left the residence and stood out by their cars when Williamson exited the house with an open alcoholic beverage.  Informed that this is illegal (which according to I believe Virginia State Laws (don’t quote me on that) it is illegal to have or open any alcoholic beverage on the front lawn of your property.  Then the Officers said that they requested a photo of Williamson, after having taken to photo the officers then drove over to the second “victims” (or “peeping tom/trespassers”) house and showed the picture by which Williamson was identified.  The officers then traveled back to Williamson residence and arrested him, wanting to charge him with felony indecent exposure simply because a child was involved.  However the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.
                When walking home from the jail after he was processed Williamson was called by his boss asking why he’d been arrested for exposing himself to children and then told to pack his things and get gone as soon as possible.
*I would think this was illegal, but I’m not sure on that.  However I think the cops had no right to call his boss and tell his boss he’d been arrested for exposing himself to a child when it was just an arrest with no real hard facts or a for sure guilty or not guilty verdict on the books.
                Williamson lawyer is currently trying to get the arrest thrown out on the grounds that it was illegal.  The cops are saying that the arrest was in fact legit and that they didn’t have a warrant because they didn’t know the offenders name and had to enter the premise to find out who was the offender.
*I would argue that in order to obtain a warrant the cops a) had no factual proof of anything and thus would have been denied a warrant and b) they would have only had to place the property owners name on the warrant to be able to enter into the premise and thus arrest whomever they see fit as fitting these charges.
                Young, Williamson lawyers, argues that they could have gotten a warrant without having to find out who he was.  Young is also arguing that the photo that was taken was not shown to the “victim” in a photo lineup which is basic police procedure and was thus “fruit of the poisonous tree”.  However Judge Roush said that the cops were within their legal right to enter the house if there was evidence of criminal activity citing the broken window pane on the interior of the interior door.
*Now dear readers, I’m assuming a few of you are laughing at why this was even taken to court.  I am too.  Firstly the man was starker’s in his own kitchen where he thought he was alone.  I’d bet money that if this woman had obeyed the laws of privacy and wasn’t trespassing she wouldn’t have become a peeping tom.  Is it really this guys fault that this women decided to cut through his property in order to get her son to school (late I might since schools up there start at like between 7:30-8:30 am) and she ended up with an eyeful?  If it bothered you that much you could have just said something to the man after you dropped your son off lady.  What you have started ma’am is a battle against the civil liberties of Americans, when it was you in fact who was in the wrong.  But what’s it to this lady?  She’s not going to be tried for trespassing or being a peeping tom, because her husband is a Fairfax County police officer and she’s an upstanding member of the community (insert disgusted face here).  If being an upstanding member of society means walking across peoples property like you own it and peering into peoples windows as you go by their houses UNEXPECTEDLY, might I point out, then man our upstanding communities will be gone in 5 years.
You know I’m sorry you got an eyeful so early in the morning.  However you are punishing this man because you decided to trespass on private property without consent from the owner.  If you happened to look up and see his junk oh well.  He wasn’t aware you were on his property that early in the morning, that close to his house.  If it bothered you because you thought ‘Oh poor Timmy, he’s going to see a future preview of what his anatomy will look like’ then you should have put your son on the other side of you and kept walking distracting him til you were at a far enough away distance.  Speaking of which, your son, well, it’s not like he’s never seen a penis or is going to see a penis.  It’s called P.E. and locker rooms.  It’ll come in time.  I’m just amazed at the prudery that some people display today.  This guy is facing a $2,000 fine and up to a year in jail and depending on the counties/state that he lives in, could be looking at being forced to register as a sex offender.  You are ruining a man’s life here!!!
Not to mention the cops here tainted practically everything.  I’m surprised this even managed to make it as far as it did.  It should have been thrown out because the police blundered their way through it breaking so many of Williamson civil liberties and rights it’s not even funny.  If this man had purposely stood at these windows and flashed everyone as they went by I’d be more inclined to believe it.  However as it stands, he was found sleeping in his bed with his pajama pants on.  Ma’am he didn’t stand there and flash you repeatedly or follow you or your child anywhere trying to show his goods.  Stop acting like you are the patron saint of the neighborhood and get over yourself.
I think a poster on one of the articles links I listed above said it best.  “People should spend 24 hours minding their own business and 24 hours keeping their own noses in their own business”.  Just think, if she had only decided to walk on the public property (i.e sidewalk), and not barge through this man’s yard she wouldn’t be in the position she is now.
It’s a sad day when idiotic complaints such as these with such botched police work make it to court.  Now I’m not saying the police are forever wrong, because they aren’t.  However in this situation it could have been handled better and the county of Fairfax might have been able to walk away with their dignity.  As it stands now, well, let’s get real here.  No one can prove this man intentionally exposed himself to a child and his mother.
And that’s my rant for today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is a day that I never thought would come. A day in which I am utterly and stupidly appalled by my government and its practices. Recently the health care bill was passed and signed by the President and Vice President. The health care bill that 70-80% of all Americans did not want. The reasons why we didn't want it had nothing to do with the fact that we didn't want a change in health care. I believe strongly in the private sector. It encourages competition and advancement in medicine and many other fields. However by forcing everyone in the country to buy health care the government is violating the most basic of freedoms granted to us.  Not to mention it's certainly not practical.  If there is someone who is financially not stable enough to buy health care, forcing them to do so would only further the problem of debt that this country is dealing with. I recognize the need to change the health care industry, however, I disagree with the motions that this Presidency has taken to change it. Black balling, bribes, and threats are not the way that I wanted this bill to be passed. If you have to bribe individuals into accepting your version of a health care bill then that should clue you in that it's NOT GOOD. Also, threatening people? I realize that this happens in the most basic of industries, however, when you say to a congressman/woman "if you do not vote for this bill I will find the quickest way to end your political career", it becomes absolutely horrific in my mind.  I'm just happy that there are currently 13 states suing the government over the health care bill.

(Side Note)  The rumor around our town is that the nearest Cancer Centers of America are now closing because of the cost cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.  Supposedly they are closing because the cuts to the programs puts more of the cost on the patients and many of the patients can't afford the treatments.  So now they are closing and people who can afford the cancer treatments are having to travel even further to get treatment.  Also there are many nursing homes that are closing through out our state (supposedly) because people can't pay for the higher raising costs.  (End of Side Note)

It was just overall how the Democrats have handled this whole mess that makes me want to throw up as well. Strong Republicans who are known for their bi-partisan efforts like John McCain were shown the door in essence when it came to anything to do with the health care bill. There was no reaching across the isle to make this bill. It was like watching a pack of 3 year olds playing with a new toy and not sharing at all. GROW UP DEMOCRATS!!! This country will never work if we don't have bi-partisanship in FULL EFFECT!!! Also a quick side note. Anyone just ever want to punch Pelosi in her face? GRRR!!! I feel like every time I watch the President speak she's clapping over every little word. The President could pass gas and she would be jumping to her feet and clapping like an insane woman. GET A LIFE!

Another thing that bugs me about this whole health care bill is the fact that when asked if the President would be taking this health care along with the American People he said no. WHAT?! This health care isn't good enough for you or your family? I get that the government uppers and what not have always had a different health care than the rest of us lower people. However, if you have to stipulate in the bill that you will not be forced to take this health care then there is something wrong with the bill overall. Join our ranks Mr. President. If you are going to force something down our throats due to your own narcissism then I feel you must suffer along with us.

However the only good thing that came out of this whole thing was when VP Biden introduced the President at the signing of the bill. (P.S- congrats Mr. President you succeeded in your narcissism to get your name in the history books, hopefully it'll only be as the biggest idiot to take office ever) VP Biden introduces the President and he whispers or so he thinks, "That's a big f***ing deal". Made me angry and disgusted while rolling on the floor. People in powerful positions like the VP and P, SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT, be cursing. It's not a sign of intelligence at all. However I will concede that there are just some things that you can't equally express without that swear words, but I would strongly argue this was not the time nor the place. But then again no one's ever said Biden was the brightest bulb in the socket. I mean honestly, the first thing they teach you in public speaking is NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER swear or use profane language including racist jokes, sexual jokes, etc. It lowers the quality of your speech and tunes out half of your audience automatically. It's so easy a caveman could do it (props to Geico for that bit and a well earned round of applause for the best advertising line ever! so basic disclaimer, I don't own the sentence above and never will it belongs to Geico). However Biden ranks lower than a caveman to me. After all he most certainly isn't the brightest of the dullest bulbs.

And that was my rant for today