Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sex and Gender in the Modern World

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We've all seen the many commercials where the woman is clad in a few pieces of strings placed over the nipples and other areas. She bends over the car and bam the stud sitting next to her is fast, cool and unbeatable. I get so tired of this blatant over sexuality displayed every five minutes on my TV screen. It's disgusting that woman think that this is what men want. Maybe preteens and college guys who can't score with anything but whores, but not real men. Real men like a challenge and that drunk girl that slept with that guy that she doesn't know is not going to be getting a second date with him and if she does it's very rare. Why do women place themselves in a position to be exploited by the men I the world?

Do we not realize by now that we still don't live in a completely equal society. Women still earn 70 cents to every dollar a man makes. In our society we even place more value on the male references than on female. We are hired for less CEO jobs and upper management positions because we may want to start a family someday and we must not be able to split our time well so we aren't hired as often. There will never be a pregnant female politician that is elected even if she has a loving husband because in the eyes of many American voters, yes women you are included here, we think 'she can't raise a newborn and do her job without neglecting one or he other' without even considering that past presidents wives have often times had their children watched by a hired nanny or staff member while they were gone doing appearances.

When we stop and do a serious evaluation of how our society thinks then maybe we might be able to change the world around us and even public opinion of women roles and the family. Now I will say this. I am no hardcore shoot them dead feminist, but I do believe in what Alice Paul and all the Iron Jawed Angels stood for when they suffered torture at the hands of the men our government for the right of every woman to vote. For every woman to have a voice in the running of their nation.

Alice Paul 

When women stand up for themselves there is at least twenty men in the background rolling their eyes claiming that we never know when to shut up and be grateful for what we have. I should know, I mean shoot I live in the south. To admit to being a feminist in the south is about as equal to admitting to being an alien. Either way you get dirty looks and people talk like your crazy.

Women it's time to go back to the days of Alice Paul and demand the respect that we seem to be losing in today's society because of our selling out to the male dominants in this world. Now this isn't to say that we women haven't come far and we are being held down by the man because we aren't, however I feel like more and more women are selling out to sex and excuses that are frankly just that crap. Women now is our calling. Just like when Alice Paul was fighting for women's rights, we need to become once more Iron Jawed Angels to stand for something that once meant something in this world. A woman's pride and dignity by choice alone. A time when women didn't answer to the call of peer pressure in a still consistently male dominated society. A time when a woman's sexuality was not based on being popular or if screwing this person will get her here or the age of trying to break the gender generalizations and double standards.

Women now is our time!

And that was my rant for today...

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