Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am a Gleek

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am most certainly and forever a Gleek. I was in chorus for 7 years of my life for goodness sake! How could I not be? However the show that I have loved for the past two seasons seems to be pushing an agenda in the third. Now I will state right at this moment that I will forever love Glee's music. It is the bomb, no matter what anyone says. However, since the beginning of season three, we see Glee mocking Jesus, Grilled Chesus, in their religion episode. While some may comment that this was an episode that expresses all religions and the discovery of your own faith, and I would agree to a certain limit, it also mocks Christ and Christians several times in the airing which is not necessary and completely derails the point of the episode in the first place.

Then we see as the season progresses that Rachel, our fun loving vocal powerhouse who always wears the most adorable sweaters and cute outfits has suddenly gotten a make over overhaul into the beginnings of sluts-ville. Now I'm all for looking sexy and feeling sexy as a woman, however, when you change what people love so much about a character so drastically, you can't honestly expect fans to accept that this character is to maintain it's innocent fun loving facade while strutting around in a short skirt, cleavage bearing top, much heavier make up all the while dating Finn who in almost every episode there is yet another shot of them fondling each other on a bed.

Also, let me just say that Kurt is my favorite character on this show. I often times find myself relating to the bullying and often outsider feelings he is experiencing because I, as a straight female, experienced that as well in my high school. I can relate to the want to cry when I got shoved in the hallways or bullied in gym class or taunted because I was student with a disability. I take a huge offense to anyone who bullies anyone in today's society. It's something that I will not allow to happen within my ear shot or eyesight as long as I live, doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or lesbian. However what has happened to the whole gay section of this show? Is it just me or did they turn this whole gay section of the show away from respect and understanding into a lesbian and/or sexual fest talking about scissoring and making out between cheerleaders?

I felt like with the recent episode, "Never Been Kissed," they didn't have to make the bully a closeted gay. They could have used this as a message to outed gay's across the world who are being picked on and bullied that they are not alone and they are unique and wonderful they way they are. Trevor Project anyone? However they decided to push this agenda in another direction and they failed in my opinion.

I will hold the rest of my opinions on season three and merely finish by stating that I wouldn't be surprised if Glee lost a large chunk of their audience with the direction they are now going. They are losing their winning combination that made them great.

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