Friday, April 16, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Apple,

I must say thank you for your developments in the field of technology.  I could reasonably argue that Apple the company has helped to project the world into many newer and brighter decades.  When the iPod came out it was revolutionary and still to this day is the top seller of it's field.  However I must raise my voice over one thing.  For nine years the Apple iPod has been released to the public.  For nine years you have made PC users lives miserable with your oh so undesirable iTunes software.  Now I realize that without this software I would have no legal means to be able to access my iPod.  However, after nine years of having dealt with this crappy software and it's beyond ridiculious updates that just seem to make it crappier and crappier, I'm seriously considering moving toward less than legal means to run and operate my iPod. 

I would be ashamed if I was you Apple.  For being a billion dollar company and then putting out that crap?  I would hide my head in shame.  It baffles me how your genius programmers can't seem to make a program that can run on a brand new computer without screwing everything up by merely click one button that takes you to another tab option.  I could make a better functioning program that than and I only had two semesters of programming under my belt. 

I know this is just a ploy by Apple in hopes that you will get fed up enough and switch to a Mac compatible system, but I hate to break it to you Apple, I'm not buying one of your computers.  Call me old fashioned, but I figure if I can find a Windows operated laptop that can do just as much and more than your Mac laptops I'm going to go with it rather than you, because well it'll be about $500 or more cheaper than yours.  Your laptops start at $999.99.  START AT.  That's too much money in my opinion.  I'm operating off of an HP Touchsmart TX2 laptop.  It's a tablet and a laptop, which none of your computers are, and please don't anyone respond with "well the iPad is both of those" cause it's not.  It don't have enough RAM and Memory to be operated as if it was an actual computer.  It was originally meant to be an e-reader because Apple wanted to own that branch too.  And don't get me start with the line from Steve Jobs, "holding the internet in your hands, it's an amazing feeling isn't it?" Ph-leaze!  I've been able to hold the internet in my hands since I got my new laptop.  It's not revolutionary, it's just that your behind curve for once Apple.

I must ask the question why Apple?  Why have you alienated over 50% of your customer base by giving us crappy software that is barely compatible with our systems?  If you worked on something that was as great as Windows 7 (with their backwards capability and their Mac compatibility) you might not be considered the 90's version of McAfee/Norton of '10.  There are more PC users currently than there are Mac users.  Granted the number is growing, but there is more Windows users out there.

I am a loyal customer.  Have been for years, but I'm getting pretty fed up with my iTunes freezing every time I attempt to scroll down a page!  Or how about it taking two minutes for it load on my system? Or how about the fact that every time I try and load anything onto my iPod Touch that it temporarily freezes for short burst of a few seconds?  How about the faulty sync application? Hmmm?  All the Windows users are asking for is a Windows version of iTunes that is compatible with Macs.  Not that much to ask for if you consider it. 

And that was my rant for today....


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